Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scrapbook Sketches

I challenge myself if I can make a scrapbook sketch. Well, I think it was worth trying. I can't believe it, I was able to make not only one but two sketches last night. I was only telling Timi yesterday, that I want to try doing some sketches to scrap. I never imagined that my hands will move me to my computer and started doing these sketches.I feel great after doing these. Again, another first in my scrapbooking life. Please spare me for the choice of colors I used. I still don't know how to edit those cliparts I used as embellishments. I'll try to improve myself on this angle.

I would appreciate it, if you, my fellow scrappers (Philippine based only) will try to make a layout out of my two sketches. I will seek the help of my fellow LB Scrapaholics to choose three layouts who will submit their layouts until the 13th of April 2008. I will be giving a RAK ( free 1pc 12x12 and 1 pc 6x6 shadow boxes)kindly post your links in the comment section.

Here's my take to sketch #2




Anonymous said...
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janu-jenn said...

hi! i will certainly try your sketches! thanks for sharing them!

jonaks said...

great sketches. will definitely try them.

jonaks said...

here's my take on your first sketch. "capture life's little treasures"

i hope its ok I combined it with another sketch.

I posted it in my blog. thanks for the sketch.

Charisse L. Gutierrez, M.D. said...

hi ytet! I was able to post by layout using your sketch sa blog ko.


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