Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Back!!!....... Again!

Oh! please, don't look at the date of my last post in my blog. It's more than year and this was the longest time my blog had been idle. Anyway, what's important, I'm back .... again. Why? Visiting other blogs really help me bring back my momentum in scrapping. I was really inspired of their beautiful layouts. and another one is, because I finally found a space inside our house, not that big huh!, but it has enough space to accommodate all my stuff that is within my reach. I would like to share how i turned this small space to be my scrapbook haven, the before and after.



I know I'd missed a lot, like doing layout, layout, and more layouts, joining the challenges online, hanging out with my fellow scrappers, chatting, blog hopping and shopping.

My hubby was given an opportunity to have a free macbook with a little cash outlay, just by renewing his subscription to Smart. He took it, and I was so happy that he gave it to me as now my personal companion. Because he knows how much I'm fond of browsing the net. From there on, I can now regularly check my emails, facebook etc. I'm not really familiar with Mac and still don't know how to use all its features, and it has no office like in Windows. I have a hard times editing photos, that's why it took me awhile to update my blog.

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