Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mojo is back!

Last two years had been very tough for me and my family. With all those problems and hardships, we're able to battle all those things and my family are still here through thick and thin. Despite all these, we never forget to thank God for all the simple and big blessings He showered upon us.

Time is moving fast, and it's already third week of January 2010 and I thought I could not make any LO or project before the month ends. Finally, just two hours ago, I was able to scrap one layout before I left for a 3-days vacation at HK. And hopefully this could be a good start for my scrappin' moods to conitnue. Although, it's not yet finish, still have to put the title and some journaling. And beside, my camera is not with me and I can't take a good shots of it. But I'll show a portion of what I did using the camera of this computer.

I'll post a good shot when I come back.

This will be my entry for Scrap, Inspire, Create January Challenge which will be due by Feb 3, 2010.

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